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Founded in 1997, EHS Partners is an independently owned advisory firm with a single focus: broad operational performance improvement initiatives.

We are experts, having honed our process, tools and capabilities for over 20 years, with a well-established and unbroken track record of success.

Our approach delivers a broad range of operating improvements — on average valued at 34% against pre-tax earnings — consisting of both sustainable cost savings and tactical revenue improvements while simultaneously optimizing the operating platform and improving the functioning of the business.

We partner with mid- to top-performing companies from a broad range of industries. Their common thread is their leadership teams’ strong commitment to accelerate improvement within their organization. More about our Clients   

Our team is comprised only of senior level advisors — averaging more than 25 years of business experience in consulting and line management — dedicated to each engagement. More about our Team   

Our mission is to help companies achieve bigger results, faster and with greater certainty. We align our interests to our clients by directly tying our compensation to the results they achieve.

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