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Q: What does your firm do?

A: EHS Partners specializes in leading broad operational improvement programs that dramatically increase a company’s performance and bottom line results. Our unique approach consistently delivers tangible operating improvements and earnings impact of a magnitude unrivaled by other approaches.

We bring to each engagement a proven process, efficient and effective tools, and an all-senior team with a well-established track record of driving large-scale performance improvement initiatives that virtually assures a successful outcome.

Q: What differentiates EHS Partners from other consulting firms?

A: EHS Partners is a firm entirely conceived and constructed around pursuing a single, specialty practice. Our single focus and cumulative experience in our specialty enable us to deliver a result unrivaled by other firms, small or large. Through repeated application and refinement, we have developed a uniquely impactful approach and a highly effective tool kit. Our all-senior team of experienced practitioners, led by actively engaged partners, brings unparalleled capabilities and commitment to each project. We eschew the consultant-heavy study/recommendation approach of traditional firms and focus instead on specific, tactical and achievable improvements. Another significant difference and advantage is that we align our interests to our clients by directly tying our compensation to the results they achieve. Lastly, our ultimate goal is to build the capability within our clients for long-term continuous improvement without the ongoing need for outside consultants.

Q: What is your value proposition — what specifically does EHS Partners do that the company itself cannot?

A: EHS Partners acts as a catalyst to help companies accelerate and magnify performance improvement. We orchestrate a highly structured effort that mobilizes and coordinates the resources of the company to achieve tremendous operating traction in a way that cannot be replicated independently. Our value proposition is to help companies achieve bigger results, faster and with greater certainty. In return, we share in the value realized — a one-time fee, based on the value that our clients attribute to our project.

Q: Is this a cost-cutting program?

A: No. Most companies don't need help in cutting costs alone. Virtually all of our clients have been through some type of cost-cutting effort before. Our work centers on a broad, methodical effort to find smarter, more efficient ways to do business. While greater efficiency (i.e., lower costs) is a primary result of this work, this goes hand in hand with improving the operating effectiveness of the business — we are careful to focus solely on change actions that improve, or at a minimum in no way compromise the effectiveness of the business. In addition, our program incorporates a targeted approach to identify tangible improvements to revenues that typically account for up to 30% of a project's impact.

Q: Who are your typical clients?

A: EHS Partners has worked with public and private clients across a broad range of industries, from large-cap, publicly traded Fortune 500–sized corporations to smaller companies with revenues of approximately $500 million. We have found that our approach is equally effective across a wide variety of industries. Notable past projects include Bank of America, Safeco, J.B. Hunt, Citizens Financial Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Fannie Mae, Manpower, DTE Energy, PNC Financial and Heinz, among others.

Q: Do you specialize in any industries?

A: Our approach is industry neutral and will work with any company whose leadership team is committed to achieving meaningful results. We have worked across a variety of diversified industries and have significant experience partnering with companies in financial services (banking, insurance), consumer packaged goods (food), retail and utilities.

Q: What are the benefits of this program?

A: The most obvious benefit is the generation of significant new cash earnings. Typical value ranges from 20% to 40% of normalized pre-tax cash earnings. As importantly, clients cite improvements to their operating platform and increased knowledge about their organizations as being as valuable as the tangible financial outcome.

Q: How do you help ensure your clients' success?

A: We are proud that all of our clients have met or exceeded their goals from their EHS-led initiative and have ultimately realized 100%+ of the planned impact. Success begins with the client’s commitment to achieve significant or step-change improvement. Our approach is then built around the involvement, ownership and accountability of line managers — the very people who have to implement any recommendations and who hold the key to long-term success. We apply our time-tested process, efficient and effective tools, and a senior-level EHS team that on a cumulative basis has successfully performed scores of similar projects. Being completely dedicated to this single practice for over 20 years, we understand the tangible and intangible elements that lead to a successful engagement and work closely with leadership teams to ensure success.

Q: Why have your clients chosen to go forward with an EHS-led initiative?

A: Most of our clients are medium- to well-performing companies that use our program as a catalyst to accelerate business improvement. Some could be dealing with a specific challenge or opportunity, such as post-merger integration or a significant increase in their cost base. Others could be trying to improve their overall efficiency in order to improve competitiveness or preparing for a transaction. Regardless of the circumstances, clients view it as a fast, proven and low-risk way to achieve step-change improvement.